Purpose To This Pain (Violet)

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I’ve been thinking a lot about how much we impact each other’s lives without even realizing it. We spend so much time wishing things were different, that we were different, when really we don’t know what it would look like on the other side of it all. What if I wasn’t disabled, or traumatized, or abused? So many things would be different including the lives I’ve changed by speaking out about my life experience.

If I wasn’t the way that I am, there’s a chance that another person who heard my story wouldn’t be alive right now. Maybe something I said on a day they were really struggling helped them to carry on another day. Maybe I’m the reason they chose a certain path in life because I inspired them to follow their heart instead of falling into the status quo. You just never really know what you do for…

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Remote Mind Control

As you walk through life today, carefully observe everyone around you. Notice how many people are seeming a bit off?

History truly does repeat itself. Today, we are not capable of understanding real history without the missing puzzle pieces. We are told that there was this horrible Holocaust that caused the death of some millions of Jewish. Were you ever told why this happened?

Most likely, the only explanation you were ever given was that Hitler was very evil. Everyone around you was given the same propaganda, I mean, explanation, so you never thought to question it. The television broadcasted this message, so there was no reason to feel insecure with this knowledge. It never crossed your mind to wonder why the rest of the Germans, mostly, were in support of him too.

Were you ever taught anything about Judaism, in particular about the Jewish Talmud? Or that the Jewish people have been kicked out of dozens of countries before the Holocaust?

Something is missing from most people’s educations, and the enemy is not going to fill you in about themselves. You must search for the truth while you still can, if you still can.